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Wiley Drake in Buena Park


Join us on the "Wiley Drake in Buena Park" show Monday thru Thursday at 9:00 to 10:00 A.M. California time.

The theme of the show is Do Justice, Love Mercy, and Walk with God. This theme is based on Micah 6:8 and Matthew 23:23.


From time to time we broadcast the show live on location. Much of this has been done from outside courtrooms as we stand for justice, and against injustices.

If you would like us to broadcast live with you let us know, we have studio will travel.

 Another feature of our show is to highlight ministries and businesses that serve the christian community. If you would like to be on the show let us know. You can e-mail me at or call 714-522-7201

We would love to have your ministry or business sponser our show.


    1. Congressional Prayer Conference

Attend this 3 day Conference with members of the U.S. Congress

 For information on prayer for America's Congress, go to

2.The Presidential Prayer Team


The Presidential Prayer Team has asked that I relay this
information to my friends and colleagues so that it will reach
its goal of enlisting 2.8 million people (1% of the population)
to pray daily for the President.

 I recommend that you join this effort and provide encouragement
to the President in this way.  The President will be notified of
your involvement. There is no fee or obligation and your name
will be kept confidential.  You'll receive a free Presidential
Prayer Team window decal in the mail and email updates on the
specific prayer needs of the President and his Cabinet.

To sign up, go to  - It
will only take a minute of your time.

The Presidential Prayer Team is an independent, non-profit
effort to rally concerned citizens to pray daily for the
President.  It is not associated with any specific religious,
political or governmental organization or individual.  Names and
addresses of members will never be used for any other purpose or